We Love Each Other but Can’t Be Together | 6 Reasons and Solution

We Love Each Other but Can’t Be Together | 6 Reasons and Solution

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We love each other but can’t be together, to be honest, there has been something coming between you both and is probably more important or valuable than your love.

YES, there is something between you both like a hurdle which you can see but can’t cross. Few of them are-🏃‍♂️💃

  • Carrier
  • Behavior
  • Religious view or just religion
  • Third-person
  • Family issues
  • Lack of love

You’re upset, angry you wonder if there’s something wrong with you or your mate or maybe even with the whole idea of two people being able to live happily ever. DONT GIVE –UP.

There are many couples who are separated in spite of having true love which indicates that probably the luck was not with them or they did not try much.

So here in this article, we will share 6 reasons why people face such challenges where they are in love but can’t be together with their solutions.

These reasons might cover your problem or might not but I assure you this will definitely help.

Let’s see a few of the reasons that act as a hurdle between us and create a BIG QUESTION that we love each other but can’t be together.

Reasons and Solutions we Love Each Other but Can’t Be Together

Reason #1:- Behavior (we love each other but can’t be together) 

RIGHT, why I am giving as no 1 reason just because of the feedback I got from the people. I am sharing a short story of my client, please read it. 

we love each other but can’t be together
we love each other but can’t be together


He:- We have been in a relationship for the last 2 years and we feel now like we are in true love. We love each other but can’t make it work to get married even our parents are ok with this relationship.

Me:- I listened to him and my first question for him was what exactly is bothering you?

He:-  I am not sure, but what can I guess is her behavior.

Me:- What kind of behavior?

He:- She does love me as I but she sometimes gives more priority to their friends, like when she is with them

  • She is ready to lie
  • Want to spend more time with them
  • When I feel for sex, she denies it.
  • Many more things

Though still, there is no doubt that she doesn’t love me as she already proved to me and even I am very sure.

I am just scared with her such behaviors and that is what stops me,

This is the 3rd time she asked me to get married and I don’t know why but I said I love you but we can’t be together                        

Me:- You both love each other, please take her to any good place which you both love and share everything that you have inside your heart. Express your love and doubts about her behavior.

Trust me your problem will be solved the same day

And maybe your problem too if you have any such things in your mind, please share with your partner and take a final decision.

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Reason #2:- Religion or Religious Conflicts

Because of Religion

This is one of the biggest hurdles which you need to tackle in your relationship. Most of the people talking about we love each other but can’t be together are because of Intercourse marriage or interracial marriage.     

Nearly half of the society believes that Intercourse marriage cannot be a successful relationship, but there is another half majority who believe you can.

Once you manage everything to get married, religion stands like the last wall which depends on us how high it can be.

Let me very clear to you, there is nothing that can stop you from anything if you are a good decision-maker. If your love is true, then there is nothing that can stop you.

But do you guys have any religious conflicts between you both; you need to work on that first.

we love each other but can’t be together

What you can do

Now here, you need to make a decision and you probably can think with 2 different minds, yes keeping your religion in mind or your love.

If you ask me, I would say and recommend to keep your love in mind and get married.

There will be many things which will be like a challenge for you like family, society, and relatives and trust me that will be for a specific period of time but your love will be forever.


Because of religious thought conflicts

There are many couples who are in love but also have strong religious beliefs. When we are together we talk about everything, everything like religion.

We express our own religious view which sometimes is not acceptable by our partner.

 A robust or even moderate non-secular religion will affect many activities that the husband and spouse perform at the same time.

religious conflict between couples


Religion is something which you can’t keep aside, as you need to think about raising your children, spending money and time, your social and professional networks.

This can even influence where to get married and where to live.

What you can do

Why don’t you both go for a trip and discuss everything, as this is like a standing coin which has both positive and negative impact?

Share and discuss everything with each other and come to a conclusion that will help you to move forward.

Don’t be in a hurry, because everyone’s stories and circumstances are not the same. You must discuss a few important things before coming to a decision.

  • Impact on your family
  • Impact on society
  • How to manage religion
  • How to manage kids in the future
  • Planning on how your family can accept you

There will be many more things depending on your relationship and the people around you. Have a brief and detailed discussion before coming to a decision.

Trust me if your love is true you can find all the way.


Reason #3:- Family not accepting

The family has been on the top priority for everyone, but we also know that we can spend the whole life with our family. You need a true partner with whom you can spend your whole life.                                                                                                                                       

We love our family and even they love us more than anyone, they think about us. But most of the family wants to get us married with their choice. May be

  • They already made a selection for us
  • They want the best one
  • Following traditional values
  • May be stubborn or selfish
  • They don’t like your choice

Again, these are a few examples and there can be many other reasons. This is just to explain to you to easily get the solution.

Family not accepting our love

What you can do

As per me most of our family rejects our choice just because they think we deserve a good match, so this doesn’t make sense to fight with our own family.                                         

You are in your bedroom and still thinking we love each other but can’t be together, stop thinking this, think about how to convince your family. Try a few of these

  • Share your views on marriage and life partner
  • Befriend your parents
  • Take help of your relatives who are good to you and to your family
  • Invite your boyfriend/girlfriend to your home
  • Arrange a meeting of both the families and discuss everything.
  • Ask for an exact reason your family not accepting and find the solution to answer them

family meeting for marriage


Reason #4:- Either one of you is not serious

Yes, that’s true as many people finally realized that they were living in a myth that we love each other but can’t be together as probably what I can say you are serious but your partner is not.

This can be a reason, why I am sharing this point with you because of my experience where I helped a girl to find out the truth about her boyfriend.

He was actually not cheating but was a coward or you can say selfish.

He loved her company but was not ready to face the world by going against everything and got a golden chance of getting married to a wealthy family so he only wasted her time explaining we can’t make it.

we love each other but can’t be together
does he really loves me


What you can do

You probably don’t know about this, whether your partner is serious or not. What you can try is

  • Give proposal for Court Marriage and notice his/her reaction
  • Get more engaged with his/her friends
  • Start engaging with his family
  • Ask for some precious gift or valuable asset

Try your way, as now you got an idea what to do


Reason #5:- We can’t be together because my partner is not interested in sex

You know your partner more than anyone; you both love each other but what if he/she is not sexually strong or don’t have much interest. Sex completes a successful relationship or you can say any relationship is incomplete without sex.

Well, this will be your choice and decision as I won’t be able to help you with this. You need to think, will it be ok with you to spend your entire life without tasting the real flavor of sex.

If I would have to make any decision, I probably won’t get married as I know I can’t live without sex. So even If I compromise by getting married, it will mess both of our lives.

But there are many people who go ahead and get married because not everyone is like me. LOL..

MAKE YOUR DECISION, you can even make a deep talk with your partner.

we cant be together because of sex
we can’t be together because of sex


Reason #6:- My Partner is Violent

Are you getting manipulated every time by your partner and feel like you have an unhealthy relationship?

Violence can be in many forms, it can be physical, verbal, sexual, or mental. So if any such things are happening with you and your partner even proves himself/herself right then you might be getting manipulated.

There can’t be any violence in love and if still you think we love each other but can’t get married then you are safe.

we cant be together because of violence
we can’t be together because he is sexually violent


What you can do

You need to end this relationship right now.

We decide to be in a relationship because we expect true love and care. We expect romance and support, not any violence where we need to feel guilt in the future.

One who harmed you by mistake is considered as a mistake, but who is repeating this mistake every time is considered violence.

You have your whole life in front of you and you can’t be with someone who is violent and will be in the future. You are not supposed to make any sacrifices for one who is giving you some kind of physical or verbal violence.

Make another choice; quickly find a new match for yourself and get engaged which will make it easier to forget your past mistakes.


Frequently asked questions


Can two people be in love but not together?

Many of us believe True love is something where you can’t live without each other. This is not the fact maybe you are not together because things didn’t work for your both. Love also means sacrifice.


I agree people in love want to be together but they really

Want to see each other happy

Wish to see them going towards success

Want to see a smiling face forever

Yes, absolutely two people can be in love but not together



What do you do when you love someone but can’t be together?

Stay away from him for sometime

Get more occupied with your hobbies

Try to be more social

Avoid Loneliness

Date someone else



You need to get rid of that idea of utopia that happily-ever-after fantasy it’s a fairy tale la-la land the only people who live happily in la-la land are people who don’t live in reality.

I assure you that you can have a fulfilling loving marriage and doubts like we love each other but can’t be together, won’t be any more in your mind.        

Perhaps you’ve tried marriage counseling maybe even with a therapist that was recommended to you by someone who had great success with that person but it didn’t work for you too.

I don’t have all the answers but I have very valuable information for the last 10 years.

 I’ve shared with hundreds of thousands of people information that has revolutionized their relationships. Now if you want to make your relationship work but it’s gradually getting worse no matter what you tried we can show you how to change.

 It’s not magic nor just some pill you swallow some or magic phrase that you repeat occasionally or something it just happens because you’re good people.

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