My Boyfriend has lost Interest in me sexually | 3 Magic TIPS

My Boyfriend has lost Interest in me sexually | 3 Magic TIPS


Hi, I am Debbie and I will share 5 useful tips to them who feel like my boyfriend has lost interest in me sexually. It’s not necessary he is losing interest just because he doesn’t love you any more

  • Do you agree, if I say Love is incomplete without sex or major part of love is under sex?
  • You used to have a good time with your boyfriend sexually before where he was rarely leaving you but now do you notice a change in him. He may love you a lot but sexually you can’t see any love.
  • CALM DOWN, We will discuss everything here and TRUST me we will try our best to gain his lost interest back again in you.

Let’s start with some reasons which are very important for us to understand.


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REASONS your partner losing interest in you sexually

Here are 5 reasons which you may notice in your boyfriend, this is important to understand why boys may lose interest in their girlfriends.

The best way to tackle this situation and the problem is to have an open and honest conversation with him which should be done once you know a few reasons for losing interest.

Reasons why he is not interested in your any more
Reasons why he is not interested in your any more


1. He’s diverted when you both are participating in intercourse

There was a time when you both were participating in intercourse and even he was wilder and had more enthusiasm. But now you see whether he is not enjoying sex anymore or expecting something else.

Seems like his minds get diverted while doing sex with you, which can be also because there is something which comes in his mind while intercourse with you

Why he is not enjoying or what he can expect more will be cleared below.


2. Lost Interest in Sex

There can be a chance that he lost an interest in sex which can be because of

If any such things are happening with him then probably you can say my boyfriend has lost interest in me sexually.

BUT, if you notice he is still masturbating or visiting pornographic sites, then probably there can be some other reason which is discussed below

not interested in sex anymore
not interested in sex anymore



3. Men Sexual Fantasies

Yes, probably your boyfriend is not a homosexual lover but chances are he is bisexual and gaining interest in some other men. There can be many other fantasies even if he is not homosexual.

  • Looking for a change while sex

 According to sex researcher Pepper Schwartz, PhD men’s sexual fantasy is doing something new which they never did before.

This might be diverting his mind while you both go with intercourse and he is unable to explain what exactly change he is looking for.

You can go through with The Normal Bar: The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples and What They Reveal About Creating a New Normal in Your Relationship.


  • He might need Threesome

Most men’s now are dreaming of Threesome and you must have noticed that while having sex he is thinking of something and possibly this can be what he is missing.

According to Psychology Today, most of the male friends discuss having a threesome.

This is something which is not easy for a man to share with his girlfriend telling her about his sexual fantasy.



  • He might be dreaming of you having sex or sex talk with anyone else

He might be on the top roof of sex and want a big change in your sex life.

Personally, I have noticed and heard with many of my friends that their boyfriend wants her to have a sex talk with someone else during the intercourse.

They might have a fantasy of watching you live having sex with anyone else.


4. He is going through a Hard time

This totally depends on your boy, on his age, profession, medical and other stress.

There are chances when your boyfriend is going through a hard time and this stress keeps him away from all the fun. There can be many things which might be making his mind crazy such as.

  • Disease
  • Exam stress
  • Job / Business Stress
  • Family stress
  • He owes money to someone

These are just examples as there can be many other things which are constantly diverting his mind towards something else.


5. He loves you no more or in a relationship with someone else

I am sorry to say, but this is something which we need to accept and possibly one of the reasons your boyfriend has no sex drive with you.

When you say my boyfriend has lost interest in me sexually, you may have seen many changes in him. Fact and the truth are he might felt in love with someone else and now that stops him coming closer to you.

If even he is not in love with anyone else, boys sometimes don’t care when they find someone more attractive and getting engaged with them

my boyfriend has lost interest in me sexually


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3 MAGIC TIPS to regain his attention sexually  

Till now you got an idea of the reasons why he may lose interest in you which might blow your mind of few true facts.

Don’t worry, if you know the reasons, you may find a solution and you may get his sexual interest back            

Let’s see what you should do know

Talk to him about the problems


1. # Make an Open and Honest Conversation with him

Most of the reason we read came to the conclusion that he might be hiding something inside his heart. That can be anything like his fantasy, disease or any negative feelings.

Take a long breath, close your eyes and think of making an open conversation with him.

If you succeed to show him that you really care about him and would do anything for his happiness, he will definitely share his problem.


Make sure to choose the right place for discussion, some of what I think is


  • In a car                                                                                                                Offer him for a long drive and start the conversation by catching the right time.
  • While sleeping                                                                                                     Probably you both sleep showing back to each other. Light is dim and you even don’t have to make any face contact. You can start a conversation politely controlling you self on anger.

He might shout or deny saying there is nothing to share, but you assure him to find a solution for him.

  • Be away from him for at least 2 or 3 days and make a phone call

Leave him alone for at least a few days and keep making a phone call just for his well being and showing care.

May be after 3 days give a call to him when you feel he is alone and starts the conversation assuring him that you want to come to a solution for him, not for yourself.

You need to discuss everything which you read above in the reasons. Which will be of course about his fantasies, health, stress, disorder and other problems?


2. # Try which you never tried before

If you really love him, you need to understand that true love needs a sacrifice some time.

Go in the past and think about your relationship, the time you spend with him and the moments

Places you travelled with him. There will be something which will remind you of your mistakes.

Like, he requested you for something and you denied – he was expecting some changes in you but you denied – something he never liked in you – was looking for a change in your figure.

          Think everything you can to regain his interest

my boyfriend has lost interest in me sexually


3. Offer your Fake Fantasy

In case an open conversation doesn’t work for you, start working on assumption. DONT WORRY this won’t harm your relationship. Even if this doesn’t work for you, explain to him why you did this.                                           

I am very sure at least he will realize your love and your passion for the relationship.

As you read above that he might have some sexual fantasies and probably he can’t share. In this case, you need to step ahead and share your fake fantasy of having


The new way of having sex

Anal sex

Phone sex with someone else while intercourse with him

Just see his reaction, at least this method will let answer your question of why my boyfriend lost interest in me sexually. Now this will depend on you how you take an action and decision after knowing the reason.




If you really love him or love his company and want to answer your question that why my boyfriend lost interest in me sexually, then you need to implement on this.

This depends on you whatever reasons and the solution you read above can be customized according to you. This is your relationship and you better know the value of this than anyone else.

Everything I shared in this article is the positive feedback I got with the girls and women which helped to come to the conclusion that this information should work for you.

Please share your feedback after reading this, we do have our expert who can help you out.

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