Ignoring Her When She Goes Cold | SECRETS you must know

Ignoring Her When She Goes Cold | SECRETS you must know


Are you still looking to find an answer or fact behind ignoring her when she goes cold? In this article, I will share a few real stories and all practical facts about what to do when she goes cold.

 Keep in mind girls are like a cat and can be bored or disinterested for some time, better is to leave them and stop chasing her, they will come back once they don’t find you behind

So you might be standing on a point where you found a gorgeous girl and you are wondering how to impress her or you already have one and she is cold on you.

Let me share a few key points on this fact of ignoring her when she goes cold on you.

Few possible reasons she is getting cold on you

  • You are not giving her space
  • Getting over needy
  • Boundations on her
  • Tracking her
  • Desperate for sex
  • Fight more than love
  • You are losing your fame, money or carrier

To be honest, according to me and many experts we completely agree on ignoring her when goes cold on you. THIS REALLY WORKS

Ignoring her when she goes cold


What happens when you Ignore your Girlfriend | Ignoring Her When She Goes Cold

There can be the severe intention of ignoring your girlfriend

  • Just because she is Ignoring
  • Because you want her back


1. Just because she is ignoring:Men’s usually have more egos inside them where they don’t like begging or bending on their knees to someone.

So while in a relationship may be girlfriend start ignoring you which can be because of many reasons like

She started ignoring because she loves you and wants you to be as you were before.

You may have lost your passion for your carrier or something else, maybe she feels responsible for this.

In this case, don’t ignore her, instead, you make a conversation with her or bring changes in yourself. I have seen people telling me she gets upset when I ignore her.


2. Because you want her back: She might be getting cold on you because of many reasons. Once you start ignoring her too she will for sure notice this and probably will try to get back to you.

  • She might feel curious to know what’s going in your life
  • Will be eager to know are you happy or sad
  • Will notice changes in you to find out is it positive or a negative change
  • She will miss you


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Let me share 2 real stories of the people I know

 STORY 1:– 

I love her so much, but she still doesn’t take it seriously and I don’t want to be overprotective or crazy.  But now she loves more living with her friends and other people, is she going cold on me. How long should I ignore her?

I can feel you have a true love for her, as you are putting your best to save this relationship and get her back.

I believe you did everything that a caring boyfriend or a true love should do.

Girls sometimes go out of the field when she feels like she already achieved something or she is getting cold because you became over needy or anything that was out of her comfort zone.

How long should i ignore her
How long should I ignore her


Stop doing everything you used to do, don’t ignore her completely but if she ignores you ignore her back.

Let her feel your absence, care, and attention, this is the way you can make her feel what you are to her.



I am in deep love with her, sometimes crazy for her. I try to stop her when I feel she is doing wrong or with the wrong people.

I became mad and started shattering when she was with me and since then she started ignoring me.

No girl will bear any craziness or such love, maybe for a specific time but not always. She will feel insecure or uncomfortable with you.

If you really need her back, you need to do much my friend. You must start diverting your mind in your carrier and friends and ignore her few days.

This is how Ignoring Her When She Goes Cold will work for you.

Should i ignore her if she ignores me
Should I ignore her if she ignores me

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What to do when she goes cold? SECRETS

Most of the men come through this stage when they get ignored by their girlfriend or wife.

This doesn’t mean that she is not in love with you anymore, maybe she needs some space or looking for some change in you.

We must very careful while in a relationship and should be ready to accept our mistakes or make her realize the mistakes she is doing.

I am sharing some tested way which will clear the questions in your mind like what to do when a girl goes cold on you?

Remember following the below steps will surely bring out the truth, if she really loves or likes you then she will be scared of losing you and will come back or else she may drift apart.


  1. Learn with your Mistakes

This is the first thing where you can start by realizing your mistakes and just putting yourself on the right track can bring her attention back.

So ignore here for a few days and start working on your mistakes.

What to do when she goes cold
What to do when she goes cold


Few of the mistakes you were doing can be

  • Getting mad on her all the time
  • Not giving her space
  • Showing too much of love
  • You stopped caring about yourself
  • You are no more whom she loved
  • You are going crazier day by day

There can be many more things which you can realize by having some peace. You can go on vacation to a good place with your friend.


  1. Put your carrier on Priority now

Not now but always put your carrier and purposes on top as that will increases your value in society and everyone likes valued people even your girl will.

Day by day you will become more valuable and like a magnet where people will be attracted to you.

You can probably get her attention back if you put your carrier back again on priority. Maybe she is looking for such a change in you or wants you to be as you were before.

May be she loved a guy who was dedicated towards his carrier, and now she finds a change in you where you are no more than dedicated to your work as you were before.

So if you are thinking of ignoring her she goes cold, ignores with such ways

Keep Focusing On Your Career, The Relationship Will Follow according to ThoughtCatalog

Put your carrier on priority
Put your carrier on priority



  1. Don’t Ignore her completely

Be a gentleman and show proving yourself how perfect you are and how easily you can manage everything.

Ignoring her completely may turn to a wrong indication; instead, you call, message, or meet at least once a day.

When you call or meet her just be polite and ask about her day, ask everything that is important to her just to make sure you remember everything.

Don’t make that mistake again by going into deep; keep smiling and when your turn comes show your enthusiasm and happiness to her.

I know this might be fake but soon you may convert to real.

Do not ignore her completely
Do not ignore her completely




  1. Focus on your Fitness again

Fitness and good shape have always been a point of attraction. If anyhow you manage to give a better shape to your body, trust me your girlfriend will be like happily surprised.

I never mean she is getting cold on you just because of your average or bad shape, what I mean is that getting a better shape will be like a tool for you to get her back.

This will even realize her that she was wrong, you are the same guy that you used to be.

If she ignores you ignore her back
Focus on your fitness again



  1. Start uploading pictures with your friends

Friends will always be a part of your life and will help you in all aspects of your life. Speak to them but don’t share about your relationship problems at least now.

Get together, go for a vacation, business, or work trip, party, and shoot pictures with your happy face and upload on social media.

Don’t tag her as she will later or sooner find your pictures.

Whatever the reason is if she still loves you she will be back again.

Ignoring her when she goes cold
Start uploading pictures with your friends



Frequently asked questions

How long should I ignore her? Ignoring Her When She Goes Cold

Not too long, usually girls don’t like ignorance what ignoring just to prove you were right and still the same or a better guy definitely will bring her attention.

Secrets share above will surely work for you, but you need to be quick and never ignore her completely. Balance your ignorance with your improvement.



Can ignoring someone get their attention?

Ignoring her when she goes cold on you will possibly work and can bring her attention back. This kind of ignorance will be to prove something and of course for her attention.

But if she is getting cold but still in touch with and spending enough time with you, never ignore her.

This will make your relationship worst, you better find out the reason by making a healthy discussion with her.

Hope your doubts about what happens when you ignore your girlfriend? is clear.


Does ignoring your crush work? Ignoring Her When She Goes Cold

I don’t think so if you ignore your crush how he/she would know about your crush. Don’t be pushy and mad just use a decent and impressive way to gain your crush attention.


Why she gets upset when I ignore her?

Because she loves you, and she always gets scared of losing you when you ignore her. When someone really loves you she will notice everything just to make sure she never loses you.

There will be tons of negative thoughts inside her when you ignore her like

  • Is he not interested in me anymore
  • Does he love someone else
  • Am I not beautiful anymore
  • Is he cheating on me



You got an idea of what exactly to do like ignoring her when goes cold on you and how to get her back. 

My friend, I will pray no once face such a situation in their life, but still, if you face then face positively to improve yourself.

I have seen a few people in my life who changed their life because of their love by working so hard that they are on the top of success. 

Please share your view and feedback in the comment box. Share this article too.

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